Do you want to carry out transactions in Poland and other EU countries without any tax risk?

You have to be aware that VAT is fraud prone by its very nature (VAT refund procedure). The governments of many EU countries had faced tax fraud problem in recent years, which resulted in introduction of strict countermeasures and severe punishments for tax frauds.

The honest entrepreneurs may find themselves in a situation when without their knowledge or consent they become one of the links in the VAT-evasion chain. The consequences of such unintentional involvement may be very severe – huge fines, imprisonment, loss of credibility of the company’s managers or even the bankruptcy of the company.

There are some mechanisms that can help in reduction of risks associated with VAT-related tax frauds. One of them is Business Control System. The entrepreneur can implement in his company any business control, which is a prove that he introduced due diligence.

Do you want to avoid a risk of making a deal with fraudulent contractors and criminals, involved in tax frauds?

Order RIF (a business information report), which will provide you with a complete information on tax credibility of your business partner. The experts of KIKB (the National Institute of Business Control) have great expertise in tax control and they are ready to prepare a report – based on the methodology used by tax authorities – which can be used in case of control or proceedings to prove that you have implemented due diligence and thus to avoid many consequences related to lack of due diligence. It also contains information on the economic standing of your potential business partner, his history, personal and capital links.

RIF is based on the data available in the public and other data-bases (so called white-intelligence), which we treat, interpret and standardize to make it easier to use. We also use our own sources, for example the KIKB experts conduct field inspection of the company’s legal seat and confirm the location of its activity, which is photo documented. RIF fulfills the requirements of tax due diligence expected by tax authorities (the National Revenue Administration – Krajowa Administracja Skarbowa), as well as contains the recommendations of the KIKB. Offering a holistic approach it helps to avoid choosing economically weak or dishonest partner, and thus to mitigate potential business risks that could jeopardize your company’s health.

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